ColorTalk Podcast Credits

Special Thanks to Team ColorTalk

Many thanks to  Jenny Meadows at for the faithfully kind and accurate copy editing.  There is no escaping her eagle eye nor her loving soul just wanting you to be you in all your greatness.

Sunish Sabastian for the amazing use of 100% organic vegan gluten free non-GMO SEO tags to help make be visible in the search engines. Sunish considers himself as a Universal Citizen, hippy and wishes that he was born in the early 19th century but enjoying the technology of the 21st century. Traveled around the world, but now spending most of the time in front of a computer. When he is not working, you can find him driving around the outskirts and the villages around Chennai India and taking pictures with his phone. He is mostly active in Instagram and Google+. 


smartass watch



Paul Cox my C level support person, CSAO (Chief Smart-Ass Officer) and long time friend and magical (think David Copperfield, but a cooler version) manager of ColorTalk email lists. Go Paul. Paul is actually an undercover agent (think Marvel, but without the S.H.I.E.L.D.) specializing in cyber-crime for smart watches. Good thing I never wear a watch. In his spare time, Paul enjoys correcting people’s spelling & grammar on twitter, which effectively leaves him without any spare time.





To Lily Parish who never spares her opinions on what I wear or my sometimes lack of ‘coolness’ with what’s new for the millennials along with reminding me millennials don’t like being called millennials.  She shines in her insights and is always there with FCPX help and creativity with videos. Someday we’re going to write a blockbuster script together. This could turn out to be the first ever bankruptcy musical action film production. Really.

To Donna Lipman because she’s the first soul I see each morning when I rise. Bless her thoughtfulness, beautiful voice, and quirky sense of humor that makes both of us laugh out loud spontaneously together, often!

A top shelf thank you to each guest on the show who has dedicated time for each theirs interview. Each of you have added to the collective knowledge of the post production community. It’s all about passing on what you know.

And you the audience. Thanks for the way you keep coming back and the flow of comments and feedback. More shows are on the way!