Alignment of Marketing and Sales Strategies for AI, Automation and IoT Tech

How Marketing Selling strategies Align – One Hand Washes the Other

Summary: Whether you are looking for full-time employment, going for an entrepreneur startup or entering the gig economy you need to practice the art of selling your ideas.  Whether I’m working in a company bringing a new product to market, managing a team or mentoring a startup, I find myself constantly refinding and evolving my approach. Though, there are some concepts that remain the same – selling and building relationships along the way.

Given I started with selling AI technologies from a spin-off from the AI lab of MIT in the 80’s, I’ve had a lot of experience selling the promise. I have plenty of arrows in the back too.  There are no end of promises for all the new AI, automation and IoT technologies coming in waves now.  I’ve had many similar experiences in developing strategies for automation products and IoT technologies.

I find it important to remember and convey these ideas:

  • Practice the basics of selling ideas, products, and technology – Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • Apply yourself to the sales process – always learning and being nimble
  • Create a blueprint for your content strategy – deep knowledge of each persona type
  • Develop, evolve and refine an Elevator Pitch – enroll others to know from their heart
  • Be ready to present yourself and relate to any size audience (one and on and one on many)
  • Uncover roadblocks to being authentic in delivery with humility. It takes practice.
  • Find your positive no and discover the power of Yes, NO, YES.
  • Discover the power of persuasion in the art of conversation
  • Dealing with Pressure and time constraints