Mentoring, Invited Talks, Training and Coaching while preparing for the age of AI

I was recently asked what I have been doing lately around the Austin startup scene.  Life has been busy for sure!

Here is a summary of the places I am mentoring and talks I’m giving. I was recently asked to submit three ideas for training people to help them prepare themselves for employment in the coming decade of AI. I have included those outlines because I plan to use some of those ideas for a book proposal to Apress.

I am Mentoring in Austin at:

Capital Factory and

Summary of recent invited talks

Lesson’s Learned selling Seeds Door to Door and AI to Fortune 500 companies
Tom Parish shares his key insights on effective selling through integrated adaptability. The lessons he brings demonstrate the importance of preparing for the rapid changes coming in the next decade.  Concordia November 13
Lamar University – invited to speak to computer science students – career growth – past present and future. 10/2017
Baylor Communications and Media department – two talks – invited to speak on preparing for employment in the media/movie business and future of color grading. 2015
The University of Dallas – invited to speak to MBA students – positioning yourself and your business for success in the new world of intelligent power tools for business

Training and Coaching Classses offered

Selling and Presenting your Ideas 

Summary: Career planning – whether you are hired full time with a firm, going for an entrepreneur startup or entering the gig economy you need to practice the art of delivering your ideas.  There are technology challenges and personal growth challenges addressed in this course.

Summary of presentation approaches past, present, and future

Learn the basics of selling ideas, products, and technology

Developing an Elevator Pitch and how it evolves in time

How to present your self and relate to any size audience (one and on and one on many)

Uncovering your roadblocks in being authentic in your delivery

Discovering the power of persuasion in the art of conversation

Dealing with Pressure and time constraints

Class projects with personal feedback

How to prepare for the impact of future technologies on individuals and society and business growth

Summary: This is an overview of all the key technologies for the coming decade of rapid change. The goal of this course is to provide a way for each person to understand the impact of the technologies on the entrepreneur looking for new ideas and anyone just wanting to more fully grasp the impact of these technologies on society.

Historical perspectives of the Internet and the changes coming in the next decade

Explanation of why the rate of change is so fast now and how it impacts us

Overview of technologies, challenges, and opportunities for the near future:


Blockchain – currency protocols and ledgers

Data science and BigData

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Group discussions – how will rapid technology Impact you, your business and society

Group discussions – how to be employed in the come age of AI

Learn how Podcasting can Improve your Visibility and Credibility for startups

Summary:  The key outcome is for each person to understand why audio and video podcasting is critical to creating and growing market visibility for a startup, gig or on-going business.

The history of podcast, current resurgence, and future relevance

The importance of acoustics, music and sound effects on quality

The technology – recording, editing, and posting

The art of the interview – with and without recording equipment  (critical)

Podcasting show themes and storytelling – class examples

Thought leadership as a content strategy for entrepreneurs

How to use podcasting in social media to broaden your visibility

How to get invited on other shows to amplify your visibility

Class Project

SHORTENED BIO for Tom Parish:   (Long Bio

Throughout his career, Tom Parish has continually integrated his passion for technology and art of adaptability as an entrepreneur, VP of Marketing, and salesman. At Honeywell Tom encouraged adaptability in others by persuading chemical plants and refineries to change from analog control to digital process control.  While at Symbolics, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence company, Tom became their number one salesman of programming and multi-tasking systems.  Most recently, as VP of Marketing at brought Bildr no-code software development to market.

Tom’s interest in using technology to connect to target audiences via broadcast led Tom to produce some 1300 podcasts, with millions of downloads, for Motorola, BMC Software, AVICAL,,, and his own businesses. Tom was also a professional colorist, applying his artistic drive to the process of grading dozens of full-length movies, documentaries, web shorts, and advertisements for businesses globally. His mantra was and still is to encourage everyone to think and feel and grow their awareness of color from story creation through post-production and distribution. He applies the same mantra to any business: become aware, be curious, adapt, move forward.

Over the span of his careers, Tom has organically fashioned himself into a facilitator of conversations around technology applications and the problems of the times. After a robust technology career, the conversation nearest his heart is addressing how best to educate young people on the skill of adaptability in the workplace — the same skill he developed from birth which has contributed to his value as an employee and an entrepreneur.

By bearing witness to emerging technology, global economies, and their unprecedented whims, Tom seeks to give voice and visibility to this pivotal dialogue about adaptability through his work as a writer and public speaker.

Tom is a FCC licensed radio operator – KB5RF FCC License Extra Class, 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and trained facilitator in shadowwork processes.   Tom received his BSEE from Texas A&M University.