Tom Parish – Backgrounder

DSC_0343Tom Parish is a thought leader and facilitator of conversations around technology and the problems of our times. His background includes 30 plus years in management in networking, cloud computing, telecommunications, enterprise software, mobile technology, customer relationship management, social media, AI, multi-media production, as well as a career as a film colorist.

Tom is a producer and host of some 1300 thought-leadership focused podcasts about technology featuring a vast range of management personnel and creatives at “ Fortune 1000” top performing tech and design companies. 

The conversation nearest his heart is addressing how best to educate young people on the virtue of adaptability in the workplace and developing a keen sense of understanding interdisciplinarity ties. In bearing witness to the new economy and its unprecedented whims, on behalf of his grandkids, Tom seeks to create a legacy giving voice and visibility to this pivotal dialogue as a writer and public speaker.

Tom is currently VP, Marketing for and is focused on launching the Bildr.

 Bildr is a no-code full stack development framework that is a bridge between less experienced programmers and experienced programmers for designing, testing and launching web applications.

Tom’s hobby and passion is connecting with amateur radios operator around the world. His call sign is KB5RF (Extra). Tom is extremely curious about the evolution of software defined radios and the layering of radio network technologies.   Tom hangs out on the repeater in Austin and can be found on all bands with CW and SSB.

All the best,