My world is moving in new directions these days. I’m delighted and full of new ideas just brimming to come to light given new opportunities that have arisen.   I’m working with one of the most talented group of people I have worked with in years at I’m VP of Marketing and I can hardly contain my excitement around our goals to launch the BILDR Framework.  Here is a brief summary of BILDR:

The BILDR Framework provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, development environment for deploying web apps in significantly less time and less hassle by working at a higher level of abstraction and removing the need for wrestling with code syntax.

Additionally, the BILDR Framework provides an interface to customer-supplied code libraries in any programming language to leverage your existing work into the BILDR Framework.  You can add custom code to modify existing functions and actions in the BILDR Framework.

Using a drag-and-drop interface, BILDR automatically builds the tables, columns, dependencies, schemas, web services and all other foundational items for your custom application. You can connect to any third party data and legacy systems using the Platform’s automatic API builder without writing lines of code.  

I have written a FAQ that provides more information.  If you’re wanting to know more feel free to reach out to me and add yourself to our launch mailing list at

On a personal note, I feel on fire. I have not been this excited about new ideas and possibilities with breakthrough technology since the 1980’s during my work at Symbolics, an AI spin-off from the MIT AI lab. What makes all this work is the team and my goodness do we have a group of experienced A players.

 I’ll be posting more on about a new trend call no-code software development and so much more all related to the BILDR framework. If there was ever a topic that gets people excited, worried and befuddled all at the same time, it’s this topic. I’ll have more to say about this as we get closer to launch.