CLIENT work: Model Citizens Documentary

Sara Kelly, filmmaker from the San Diego area, asked me to color correct her new documentary on model trains. It’s called, simply enough, Model Citizens.  It has been a delightful collaboration.

This movie is about the fascinating men and some women who are deep into this hobby.  I remember how important model trains were to my dad. He built quite large layouts multiple times in his life.  Working on this movie has helped me remember Dad’s joy in model trains.  He was like a kid when he was working on his sets.

Sara captures the spirit of these people’s interest in rebuilding and remembering times past when trains were so important to the majority of our lives. These folks go deep into their passion around recreating reality.

As an aside, I realize freight trains are critical to our economy but the days of traveling on cross-country passenger trains are just not the same.  I personally hope that someday in our future trains become important again and we lessen our dependence on automobiles, but I digress.